The SmartTemp+ Solution

Rise in body temperature has been the primary indicator for many underlying infections and ailments. While many of the conventional devices like mercury or digital thermometers provide only instantaneous temperatures, SmartTemp+, that is equipped with advanced clinical grade sensors and wireless technology provides continuous, accurate body temperature.


SmartTemp+ is a ultralight weight device (7gm) device that can be easily placed on the axial part of the human body and activated to receive instant temperature. 

Mobile Application

A companion application on Android or iPhone connects and pairs with the SmartTemp+ device, providing various smart features of monitoring and analytics.

Remote Monitoring

Using the power of cloud infrastructure, factories, hospitals and even individuals can remotely monitor the temperature metrics; thus ensuring appropriate intervention.


SmartTemp+ Features



Temperature measurement with       clinical grade accuracy of 0.1C

1 min

Measurement Frequency

Temperature measurement
every 1 min of being activated

90 days

Active Usage

Battery that lasts for 90 days of continuous monitoring


Light Weight

Just 7.5gms of weight and less than
35mm in diameter

A Fever is not a disease. It is usually a sign that the body is trying to fight an illness or infection. Infections cause most fevers. One gets a fever because the body is trying to kill the virus or bacteria that caused the infection.

Advanced Construction

Medical Grade Materials

Constructed using medically safe materials, SmartTemp+ is built using plastics like PC and Medical Grade Steel

Water Resistant

Wear for hours with out worry  of sweat or water spills damaging the device. But be sure to remove before a shower


Advanced Wireless

Connect to the device from upto 30 feet using a mobile phone without loosing the critical data.

Replaceable Battery

Simply replace the coin cell battery for another 30 days of active usage. The device carrys a easily available CR2032 coin cell battery.

See in Action

With multiple use cases, please checkout SmartTemp+ in action.


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