The CBTLRM02 module is a multiprotocol, highly flexible, ultra-low power module that supports Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and LoRaWAN® using Nordic’s nRF52833 and Semtech’s SX1262 SoC solutions. The module is designed for high data rate long-range wireless communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band for BLE and 150 MHz to 960 MHz bands for LoRa®. With dual support for BLE and LoRa®, this module provides extended range at extremely low power enabling it for a wide range of applications including but not limited to smart metering, asset tracking, employee safety monitoring, cold-chain deliveries and more.

Bluetooth : 5.3 low energy modules
SOC : nRF52833 and SX1262
Line of Sight : 2000m+
CPU : ARM Cortex-M4, 64MHz
Security : ARM HW
Memory : 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
Antenna : 2 x Ignion chip antennas
Certifications : CE RED, WPC, FCC (applied)

Press Release

We introduce the eagerly awaited, India’s first BLE + LoRa® dual combo-module - CBTLRM02. This module is developed in partnership with two of the world’s leading innovators in wireless technologies, Semtech Corporation and Nordic Semiconductor. Semtech’s SX1262 and Nordic’s nRF52833 allow our customers to build advanced IoT applications an solutions.

The CBTLRM02 is a highly flexible, feature-rich multiprotocol module that provides extended range at extremely low power thus supporting a wide range of applications.

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