This Evaluation Board is designed for combo-modules by CWD namely, CBTLRM01 and CBTLRM02 that support Bluetooth® Low Energy and LoRaWAN® using Nordic's nRF52 and Semtech's SX1262 SoC. The board supports all features of these modules and delivers high data rates for long-range wireless communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band for BLE and 150MHz to 960MHz bands for LoRa®. It can operate in SIGMESH protocol, ANT protocol, and LoRaWAN® standard for proprietary protocols.

5V input supply
Micro-USB Jack / J9 pins
UART available on board
I2C available on board
3 switches available on board
3 LEDs available on board
20 GPIOs available at test point on board