Going beyond what is

At CWD, we believe that a connected world is the connected future. We define wireless technologies to forge new paths, wirelessly, in our mission to connect the world.

Innovation for All

We are focused on creating ground-breaking solutions for the challenges our community faces. From agriculture to industrial businesses, we use our expertise to transform the way we operate and in doing so, create a positive and lasting impact on our community and the world at large.

With several patents filed, we are recognised under the Government of India StartUp Program – DIPP 1963 in the Innovative Product Companies by IPR criteria.

Technology Partnership

We collaborate with the best of industry leaders to bring simple yet innovative solutions to our community. Our partner ecosystem is one of the main pillars in our success, enabling each other with the best technological support to make strides in the market.

Trust, Security & Sustainability

To build an amazing future with stronger, connected communities, we need to set our foundations right; which is why we strive to deliver the most intelligent, secure, sustainable, and disruptive solutions to our community. Our solutions focus on making a positive difference in the world.

Investor Relations

Enduring relationships and sustained value creation

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Abhishek Lohia - Company Secretary & Compliance Officer