Utilities & Lighting

With a greater need for efficiency, productivity, and energy-conservation, automation is gradually becoming imperative in the Utilities and Lighting industries.

A lack of automation poses several problems for the Utility industry, like meters being stolen or tampered with and higher manpower costs for tracking of meter readings. These issues coupled with an increasing need for energy conservation demand adoption of new technologies into the industry’s infrastructure

Similarly, it becomes of paramount importance to automate lighting as the need for saving costs and optimization of energy consumption increases. Improving the existing infrastructure is the need of the hour to save energy and electricity costs.

CWD integrates IoT into your existing infrastructure to automate utility meters and provide solutions such as smart meters, enabling you to automatically receive critical data like electricity usage and billing among other details. Our solutions help you save overhead costs and provide accurate information from connected smart meters to your customers.

We also create advanced technologies to automate lighting, helping you to save costs and increase energy efficiency.

CWD’s primary focus is on delivering solutions that are smart, secure, efficient, and increase convenience through automation for you and your end user.

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