Telecommunications & IT

The Telecommunications & IT are two of the fastest growing industries with numerous emerging technologies in these sectors. Keeping up with these trends can, however, be difficult for companies that don’t have the necessary resources and infrastructure to do so.

Creating effective, convenient, scalable, and flexible solutions is imperative in such a dynamic market but it can also take up an enormous amount of time to follow through. Implementing new technologies into existing infrastructure from scratch is resource-intensive, time consuming, and expensive to conduct. This could hinder your progress when you want to be the first-to-market with your innovative solution and can consequently impact your market share and profits.

With deep expertise in latest platforms like Zephyr, NCS and more and various communication protocols including but not limited to Low power 2.4 GHz, LoRa®, NB-IoT, and 4G, CWD creates smart, secure, and futuristic solutions for you. By integrating IoT into your existing infrastructure, we help you implement new technologies in your business processes easily and efficiently. With our expert and rapid hardware design, software development and prototyping capabilities, we ensure you stay on top of trends and ahead of the competition.

Our proven IoT solutions help you create next-gen solutions for your end users with effective implementation of technology and a faster time to market.

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