CBTMN05 is a multiprotocol module that supports Bluetooth 5.3 stack for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and is designed for high data rate, short-range wireless communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band. It is a low-cost, baseline module optimized for small 2-layer PCB design with cost-constrained applications.

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Bluetooth : 5.2 low energy module
SOC : nRF52805
CPU : ARM Cortex-M4, 64MHz
Crystals : 1 x 32.768KHz and 1 x 32MHz crystals
Memory : 24KB RAM, 192KB Flash
Antenna : PCB antennas, variants with chip
antennas, U.FL connectors available upon request
Certifications : CE RED, WPC, FCC (applied)

PCB Design

Software Development Kit