A smart, wireless temperature monitor powered by clinical grade, high accuracy sensors that provides continuous and accurate body temperature in real-time.

  • 24/7 Body Temperature
  • 1-min Measurement Frequency
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Advanced Wireless
  • Ultralight-weight
  • Water Resistant
  • 90-days Battery Life
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Medically Safe Materials
Technical Details
  • Diameter30mm
  • Thickness7mm
  • Weight7.4gms

How it Works

  • Rapid Identification
  • Instant Isolation
  • Early Intervention and Prevention

SmartTemp+, a low-powered Low power 2.4 GHz device, can be easily placed on axial body areas and activated

Integrates with any smartphone through an app for monitoring temperature

The app connects and pairs with the SmartTemp+ device, providing various smart features of monitoring and analytics

Remotely monitor the temperature metrics and ensure appropriate intervention

Uses cloud infrastructure to store and share temperature readings in real time

Uses pre-set body temperature thresholds to provide alerts in case of any spikes

Use Cases


Every patient in a hospital is monitored for their vitals like body temperature every 2-3 hours. SmartTemp+ does this in an automated way and provides information that brings down the workload and ensures proper safety of the frontlines as it decreases the nurse-to-patient contact time considerably.

Self-Quarantined Patients

The patients who are self-quarantined are regularly monitored to ensure their safety. Their movements need to be monitored too.

Frontline Workers

With many healthcare workers working on the frontline, it is imperative that a close monitoring system needs to be in place for their health. SmartTemp+, in addition to PPE, can monitor their body temperature to ensure proper health.

Factories & Workplaces

It is imperative to look after workers’ safety in factories and workplaces. SmartTemp+ can ensure 24x7 temperature monitoring and assist with contact tracing in case of an infection breakout in the workplace.