Sound Box

A wireless payment terminal designed for smart, secure and simple payment processing by providing instant audio payment confirmation.

Need a custom Sound Box?

Real-time Voice Broadcast

Instant audio payment confirmation with high volume and high sound quality in multiple languages with CWD’s Sound Box

Variants Available

Available in variants based on different wireless technologies like 2G, 4G and Wi-Fi

Different Form Factors

CWD's Sound Box is available in various shapes, sizes and physical specifications

Designed, developed & manufactured in India


Open-sourced SDK

Data Visibility

Cloud platform enables visibility of device data metrics


Available in multiple local languages

Data Analytics

Integrated business intelligence tools and analytics

All Payment Modes

Supports multiple payment
modes like UPI, online
payment wallets, etc.


IP 65 rated


Support provided for
design, communication,
software & manufacturing

Repair & Maintenance

Pan-India repair
and maintenance

How it Works

Customer scans the Merchant QR using a UPI app

Customer completes the payment

Instant audio payment confirmation on Sound Box

Payment done

Use Cases

Food & dining
Department & supermarket stores
Convenience stores
Beverage shop
Wholesale market
Service industry

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Sound Box: Disrupting India’s Digital Payment Processing Landscape

23 FEB, 2023

Digital payment transactions have seen an unprecedented growth in India since the last three years, as reported by the Press Information...