A small, compact size asset tracker powered by Low power 2.4 GHz, Nordic nRF52 series chipset that acts as an ideal solution for asset tracking, inventory tracking and indoor location-based service.

  • Low power 2.4 GHz chipset nRF52 series
  • Mini, Compact Size
  • Compatible with iBeacon & Eddystone
  • Real-time Asset Location & Movement
  • Within Premises & In-Transit
  • Applicable in Various Industries
Technical Details
  • Length37.26mm
  • Breadth37.19mm
  • Width11.16mm

How it Works

Low power 2.4 GHz readers deployed in the premises constantly scan for Low power 2.4 GHz Tags in the defined radio area of up to 50 meters radius

The Low power 2.4 GHz readers detect any Tag presence and send the data via the Gateway to the Server

The data is then sent from the Server to the Tracking Software for the authorised personnel to view

Use Cases

Asset Tracking

Simply tag your assets with the device and you’re on your way to tracking the location of your assets in real time. Applicable in a wide range of industries like logistics & warehouse, retail supermarkets, office buildings, hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Inventory Tracking

Optimise your inventory management by tagging all your valuable assets and track and monitor their movement within the premises in real time.

Activity Monitoring

Remotely monitor the movement of your tagged assets across a wide range of industries with the help of our Asset Tracking Solution.